Rangapravesham (Arangetam) of Sathwika ShivaKumar

Sathwika Shivakumar is a Bharatanatyam dance performer who has accomplished her Arangetam (rangapravesha) and ready to perform on stage. With the experience of many years of practice and continuous encouragement of parents and Guru, turned her Bharatanatyam hobby into a passion and now passion is converted to professional.

And she has now been invited to perform in Barmingham Balaji Temple, United Kingdom on May 26th on occassion of Vasavi Jayanthi Festival.

In words of Sathwika Shivakumar
This is sathwika Shivakumar presently completed my 2pu. I started classical dance as a hobby but later it became my passion I started to learn bharathanatyam at the age of 6 and did not take a break till day I have completed my dance in junior exam conducted by Karnataka government of cultural and arts and also finished my praveshika prathama conducted by gandarva maha vidyalaya presently taking my coaching for senior exam

I did my rangapravesha last year August i took it very seriously n thought of doing the items in different way my teacher SMT Guru Padma Hemanth supported me in doing so n we were successful in doing that as we did SEETHA SAVYAMVARA

When I start performing Barthanatyam, I feel so relaxed and i enjoy performing every mudra.

I was successfull in doing so because my teacher n parents helped me n my brother encouraged me as a classical dancer I am very blessed n take their blessings n wishes so seriously that I would complete my VIDVAT in dance under the guidance of my Guru SMT Padma Hemanth in SANGEETH NRITYA BHARATHI ACADEMY

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Bharata natyam, (Sanskrit: “Bharata’s dancing”) the principal of the main classical dance styles of India, the others being kuchipudi, kathak, kathakali, manipuri, and odissi. It is indigenous to the Tamil Nadu region and prevalent in southern India. Bharata natyam serves the expression of Hindu religious themes and devotions, and its techniques and terminology have been traced back to ancient treatises such as the Natya-shastra, by the Brahman sage and priest Bharata. Bharata natyam was originally performed exclusively by female temple dancers and was not brought to the stage for public performance until about 1930.

A program of bharata natyam usually lasts two hours without interruption and includes a specific list of procedures, all performed by one dancer, who does not leave the stage or change costume. The accompanying orchestra—composed of drums, drone, and singer—occupies the back of the stage, led by the guru, or teacher, of the dancer.

In pure style, bharata natyam is classically clear in technique. The feet beat out complicated counter rhythms; the legs are bent in a characteristic low squat; arms, neck, and shoulders are part of the movement. In the pantomime sections, the hands tell the story through conventional gesture language, while the face expresses the mood. In the pure dance the hands are restricted to 11 mudras (symbolic hand gestures).