Tallest Vasavi Devi Idol

Goddess Vasavi is an incarnation of Goddess Adi Parashakthi. She took birth to spread the principles of love and non-violence and help a cursed gandharva prince (A Shapa Grastha Gandharva) who takes birth as King Vishnuvardhana attain salvation. She devotes her life to be in service of Lord Shiva and vowed to remain celibate as a Gowrabalika. King Vishnuvardhana, who was served by her father as a tributary king, was captivated by her beauty and desired to marry her. Due to her fierce resistance to his desire, he decides to marry her even if that necessitated waging a war against her father. To prevent blood-shed and uphold the dignity and honor of women, Goddess Vasavi decides to offer herself to the sacred fire.

She performs agni-pravesham along with families of the 102 Gotrajas giving birth to the Arya Vysya Community and becomes a shining beacon of non-violence. From this sacrificial fire, she displays her Vishwa Roopam and preaches the Shapta Shati Mantra . She advises the Arya Vysya community to lead a life of non-violence and to practice agriculture, commerce and gau Raksha (dairy and cow protection) blessing the community with prosperity and abundance. This day is celebrated every year across the World as Vasavi Vishwa Roopam Day or Agni Pravesham Day during the month of February on Magha Shuddha Dwitiya.

In Indian, the states of Bihar, Bengal, Punjab, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan and Tamil Nadu celebrate the festival with great fervor and gusto.In Tamil Nadu the festival is known as Pongal, in Assam as Bhogali Bihu, in Punjab, as Lohiri, in Gujarat and Rajasthan, as Uttararayan. Outside India, the festival is given due importance in the countries like Nepal where it is celebrated as Maghe Sakrati or Maghi, in Thailand where it is named as Songkran and in Myanmar where it is called Thingyan. The festival of Makar Sankranti marks the day when the sun begins its northward journey and enters the sign of Makar (the Capricorn) from the Tropic of Cancer. It is like the movement of sun from Dakshinayana (south) to Uttarayana (north) hemisphere. It is the one of the few chosen Indian Hindu festivals which has a fixed date. This day falls on the 14th of January every year according to the Hindu Solar Calendar.

Long before Christ, Buddha, Gandhi and others, Goddess Vasavi propogated the principle of non violence. She left behind a huge community called Arya Vysyas who have built Vasavi Shanti Dham at Penugonda, WG Dist, AP which will be home to the worlds tallest 90 Ft. Pancha Loha Idol of Goddess Vasavi and also the Vasavi Suvarna Mandir. Watch this video to know more about their upcoming inauguration

90 Ft high Pancha Loha idol, the tallest of its kind in the world, will be installed within this 185 ft high Rishi Gotra Mandir. Idol is made with Gold, Silver, Copper, Tin & Zinc. Idol making has already begun. This idol will be installed in the 185 ft. high Golden Temple. Bramhanda Kiranas emitting from this sacred idol will fulfill the ambitions of the devotees. Devotees have rare opportunity to partake by liberal contributions. This 90 ft. tall Panchaloha idol weighs around 40 tons and Nijapaadas(holy feet) ,which were installed on August 27, 2016, alone weigh 1.55 tons. The whole idol will be goldplated.

Central to Vasavi Shanthi Dham is the 185 Ft high Vasavi Suvarna Rishi Gotra Mandir featuring 102 Rishi Gothra Stambhas. These will be erected symbolising 102 Gothras, along with the respective Gothraja Couple who entered Agni pravesham along with Matha Vasavi. This has been beautifully written and described by Sri Bhagavan Veda Vyasa Maharshi in KANYAKA PURANAM which comes in ‘OORUJOPAAKHYAANA’ of SKAANDA PURANA. Corresponding verse with respect to each Gothra will be inscribed in multiple languages on the respective Rishi Gothra Stambha.

Penugonda is regarded as the birthplace of the goddess. The idol, which was taken round in a rath yatra, was inaugurated by Governor K. Rosaiah on March 6 and reached SKPD here. The feet will be kept for public darshan from March 16.

video credit : MY3 Bhakthi

Goddess Sri Vasavi Kanyaka Parameshwari is the Kula devatha of the Arya Vysia Community. Vasavi Matha Sacrificed her life to avoid the bloodshed and war. Her message to the world is Dharma, Integrity and Ahima. The most famous temple of this goddess is located at Penugonda, West Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh, India.

Goddess Parvathy had Instructed Sage Naradha and Maya Brahma to construct 18 large towns near Paschima Godavari on earth. So that Arya Vaisyas can live there comfortably. Sage Naradha and Maya Brahma had constructed 18 large towns on the banks of Paschima Godavari River. It was a easy task for Maya Brahma to construct 18 towns beautifully, as he had already constructed many places to Devatas.

The 18 towns were seen shining with glow in the light of morning Sun. Streams were flowing adjacent to the towns and Navarathnas were kept in heaps on the streets of the towns. There were fort with beautifully decorated entrances and gardens with colourful flowers. Peacocks, parrots and other birds were seen in the garden. Rajbhavan, conference halls, swimming pools, flower gardens. Veda Patasala, temples and Gurukulam of Bhaskaracharya were all located in that city.