Information on Dharma

Dharma alone protects. There is a law Governing the behaviour of everything in the Universe. All must submit to it for the world to function properly. It is the will of Lord that all the creation all his children and creatures should live in Happiness That is why God has ordained a law called Dharma for each one of us to follow. The Sun God provides the heat and light all creatures in the earth. Water in the river also provides water to all creatures. Rain also provides water to the earth to grow plants all over the earth. There are some important slogans in our Vedic literature.

Thry are :-
1. Ahimsa paramo dharma.
2. Survey Jano Sukinobhavanthu.
3. Another statement goes beyond people including all living creatures. Surva Botha hithe rathaha

That means all living beings including creatures should live happily in the earth. We need to follow these principles in our life. Dharma alone that ensures all round harmony to all of us. If we live according to these laws and following Dharmic principles we are worthy of Lord Eswara’s love and grace.

Soul is otherwise called Athma and this is permanent and cannot be destroyed. Every living being including creatures has Athma which is a part and parcel of Paramathma. All are Gods children. Every body should respect each other and other living beings. No hatredness is allowed and not acceptable. Hurting other people or other living beings brings sin and supporting them to do what they like attains punya and merit will be attained in the eye of God.

People are indulging in enjoying the fruits of virtue or nature without being morally good and with out doing any thing meritorious. No body want to be sinner People try to gain the object of their desire with no thought of right or wrong and Dharma or Adharma

People do commit sin 4 types Kaya, vacha, manasa and artha
Our body can harm others and other living creatures creating sin.
The tongue can speak untruth and can attain sin.
Our mind can think bad and evil causing sin.
Doing wicked things with our money is also attains sin,
In the mind people can think of various kinds bad ideas attaining sin. Instead we should clean our mind by chanting few bhajan and make our mind is a place for Lord Eswara. We must devote some time for meditation ( preferably Gayathri chanting 108 times twice a day for those who are already initiated ) or bhajan programme.

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Papa the sinful actions will not attain any merit but accumulates only sin all the time. The time needed to clear our sins from our life. That is why God make you to born again giving you more chances to wipe our sins. By helping the poor and by spreading the glory of Lord we will earn punya and earn merit. Bad vasanas drag people to do again and again wrong doings accumulating sins and they will be stuck in the wheal of samsara with birth and death cycle. To come out of this birth and death cycle we need to surrender to Lord Easwara and engage in devotional activities like chanting Vishnusahasra nama and Lalitha Sahasranama on a regular basis in addition to following the above 3 laws in our life

Article written by
Dr Ramkrishna Gupta Mudalagiri