Information on Arya Vysya Dharma

This booklet is produced with an intention to inform our younger generation in Western Society. The information on Dharma and our Vysya caste is a vast subject on itself. I am embarking upon this venture merely to indicate what I learnt from Guru’s, parents and teachers. In south India about 1928 some batch of Vysya boys were selected to learn how to perform our Vysya Dharma ,rituals, shodashakarmas and type of worship . All these have to be learnt only in Sanskrit. My father is one among these boys who went to learn also. All these boys before going to learn they are all called setty or sresty and after learning the shasthras and Vedic rituals the boys are called GUPTA. Like Eswara setty became Eswara Gupta, Venkatachala setty became Venkatachala Gupta and Mallapa setty became Mallapa Gupta so on like that. My father DasappaSetty also became DasappaGupta . These people guide our caste people in performing Upanayana, marriage, Arya Vysya Dharma propogating and worship

The information provided in booklet may not be in practice all over India and some part may have slightly different way it is performed. I have written what I have been learnt from my teachers ,Gurus and my parents. It may be difficult to carry on all our rituals to all Vysya people. I my self living in western society and I did not find difficult to follow. This was possible for me to do so as my parents used to do all and I learnt from them. My father Sri M.R.DasappaGupta taught me many things what I have written in this booklet. I have learnt some information from other books in Kannada language What I have read in my student life in Sringeri and Mysore. My Guru made the sandhyavandhana procedure easy for me after had my Upanayana in Thirupathi. Later I conducted Agnikarya only for one month in Sringeri in my house under the direction of my father and my Guru.I have translated to English few paragraphs. from other Kannada books.

Daily I perform sandhyavandhana and Pooja in the morning soon after the bath for about 30 minutes before going to work. Most of the time my wife will join with me in the morning Pooja. My wife also does nithya Gowri Pooja every day like my mother. If you plan it properly we can do everything like India here in UK and also in USA and maintain our Vysya Dharma. If some of the writing found incorrect or not in practice readers may kindly bring it to my attention and I can improve in the next edition.

If I am able to convey the message to the younger generation to follow and cultivate our Arya Vysya Dharma I think the purpose of this booklet is fulfilled. I hope and believe that children will be able to continue our Dharma. I would like to create an International Society of Arya Vysya Consciousness so that Arya Vysya Dharma, principles and Arya Vysya way of life to propagate in the younger generation so that our Dharma could continue for ever all over the world. To start with we need an International data base of our Vysya People and work is already commenced to take the census of Vysya People all over the world.

My beloved father used to say like this:- Perform daily worship of Narayana without fail. Be good to your parents , friends ,relatives, your wife (or husband) and later be good to your children. This is the essence of happy life. Then you will remain happy and achieve Moksha in the end of your life.


Sringeri is a holy place. This is a small town surrounded by temples all four directions. Sringeri is derived by the word shringa giri a scenic, peaceful, place of Rushya Shrunga Muni. Sharadamba Temple founded by Adi Shankaracharya (AD 788-820). Sringeri is the Abode of Gods, the Abode of Acharyas, the Abode of Intellectualism and Humanity, the Abode of Grace. I come from Sringeri Town. My ancestors lived in Sringeri for many centuries. The above temples right side one is Sharadamba temple and left one is Shankara temple constructed by Jakanachari famous architectural work. In this temple there are twelve pillers and the sun rays fall on each one piller on each month from the front door only. Every piller is named after a month in which the sun rays come from the main entrance of the temple. Each piller also represents one rashi and all the twelve pillers represnts 12 rashi. One piller has Shaneswara murthi and people come and submit prayers and conduct pooja for Shani God.

The administrator of Sringeri Mutt Mr Srikanta Shasthri was one of the powerful man at that time. He looked after all our family properties when our greatgrand father died and share between the children when they attained majority in our family. My greatgrand father’s Navarathna Kanteerava Hara was very expensive one of our family gold ornaments was given to him by my great grand mother as he favoured her in the partition matters.This man also involved in Mysore Lachaya setty family partitions in Chickamgalore coffee planters family. My father has to oppose him in some part of the partition matters of the family where an injustice happened to members of the famliy. This man has written a small book and got Swamijee’s seal on to it criticising the Vysya community informing that there are no good Vysya people in Kaliyuga. This man received such an expensive gift from our family and he criticises the entire Arya Vysya community in his article. He is totally wrong on his part to write about our community like that. He has seen many Vysya families in his time. We know he was closely involved with our family in Sringeri and also very closely involved with Mysore Lachiah Setty family in Chickmagalore town. He knows how religious and orthodox and God fearing pople we are. He also knows that we do follow all our Dharmic Principles in our houses as we are living in the same place.

He has attended our family functions in Sringeri on many occasions. He has organised Olaga and Deevati to invite my Great Grandfather to the functions held in Sringeri Mutt with a great honour to our family head. Teeka Venkatachalapathi has written a small booklet about this matter called Sringeri Swamijee and Arya Vysyas. Few Vysyas tried their best to cancel the document prepared by Sri Kantha Shasthri. Unfortunately this was not succesful .In Sringeri Mutt Swamijee find hard to cancel the document supported by his Guru Previous Peetadhipathi’s. There are many Brahmins who could not keep up their traditions and dharmic principles and we can not say there are no good Brahmins in kaliyuga just for that sake. Similarly if some vysya people did not maintain our dharmic prinicples we can not say there are no Good Vysya’s in Kaliyuga. It is unfortunate that our Vysya people have been criticised by this man. It is important for us to put our house in order to prove that we are good Vysya people of Kaliyuga so that there is no room for any body to criticise like this. I hope all Vysya people will agree with me on this matter. If all of us agree on this issue we should try to keep up our traditions and dharmic prinicples to the full extent and to proove the world that we are good vysya people of Kaliyuga. No one can criticise our community like that.

Need of the hour

The Vysya people migrated from India to western countries for many years. Because of the new country and new circumstances they may not be able to follow the Arya Vysya Dharma fully well. We all living in a country where the society has a different culture. We have to respect other culture and we have to maintain our own culture. That is the only best way forward for us.

With the improved economic conditions and greater education and the huge impact of western culture and way of life, the radio and the television and the contact with the other race groups is very high. The Arya Vysya boys and girls born in western society need to know our roots and our way of life as a first step. They are eager to know and they are seeking the direction from us . They want to clarify so many things. They want to question the validity of the customs and ceremonies of Vysya caste. This is very correct and it is our duty to explain them in detail so that they can clarify their doubts and able to follow full well in their life.

I attempted to explain the details of Arya Vysya Dharma in plain English in this booklet so that our new generation can understand in a simple manner. I have written this small booklet to serve that purpose with some scientific explanations of few ceremonies and rituals.

Now it is very important to understand what is our Dharma and way of life. One of the important aspect of our Arya Vysya Dharma for our children is to learn some GOD prayers and chant them infront of God’s photo or in the prayer room daily. Men’s to perform SandhyaVandhana and Gayithri Manthra Japa at least once a day after bath. To make boy eligible to perform Gayithri Japa one should have Upanayana. This is one of the important Samskara in our Vysya Dharma and usually conducted when the boy is between the ages of 14 to 25. Some families conduct before the marriage which does not give enough time for the boy to learn and perform Agnikarya Hence I suggest Upanayana should be done when the boy is able to read and write so that he has got long duration of chanting Gayithru mantha and attain punya while he was going through student life.Doing Upanayana at the age of 7 or 8 years age is the correct and I request all vysya families to start doing Upanayan as early as 7years of age, Gayithri Manthra is very auspicious and by practising regularly boy can achieve longevity,yashas,keerthy,Thejassu and the boys get more success nad higer achiement of knowledge in their education in the student life. That is great for the parents to bless their sons by doing the upanayan as early as possible.Our boys will achieve great success in their life and achieve long life also moksha in the end. By conducting Upanayan earlier our boys have got a great chance to achieve punya from earlier age and they live long and full satwika life with the blessings of Gayithri Matha. .

We have seen in the western society the man woman relationship is not the same as in our culture. We respect the apart from wife all girls/ladies as sisters and mother . This is the difference between the Hindu and western culture. Introduction to marriage is through the horoscopes matching initially and if the horoscopes tally then only the interview will be arranged and if the boy and girl agree then only the marriage will be performed. That sort of arranged marriage with the consent of the parents on both side after knowing the both party each other acceptable to each other is followed by our Vysya Customs. Girl friend and boy friend and self introduction to each of them is non existing in Vysya Customs and Culture.

You must be proud of the Arya Vysya Caste where in which you have born with Gods grace. Now it is your duty to upheld Vysya Dharma in which you have born. It is difficult for you all to understand our Dharma and culture as we had no religious teaching of Arya Vysya Culture in this country and no Kannika Parameswari Temple in UK. So far but we are going to have one soon.

All the rituals which usually done in our Kannika Parameswari Temple in our caste could have been visualised in the younger age in Indian circumstances if you were born in India. That sort of exposure to the activities of the Arya Vysya Caste and religious life is missing for our children in western society. Hence this booklet has been written for the sake of filling those gaps with the information which helps the younger generation about our Arya Vysya Caste , culture and Dharma.

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(As a child I learnt from my parents all these prayers)
Asathoma Sadgamaya.
Thamasoma Jyothirgamaya
Mruthyrma Amruthangamya

From the unreal lead me to the real.
From the darkness lead me to the light
From the death lead me to the immortality.

Prayers for Every day
Ganesha stothra;
Shuklambaradaram, Vishnum,Shashivarnam, Chathurbhujam Prasannavadanam,
Dhayeth Sarva vignopa Shanthaye
Agajanana- Padmarkam Gajanana Maharnisham
Aneka Dantham Bhaktanam Ekadantam Upasmahe
May we constantly meditate on Ganesh, the God with the one tusked elephant face, the sun that brightens the lotus face of His Mother. He confers the knowledge of God and all prosperity on devotees.

Early morning as soon as you get up:
It is a practice to see God’s photo as soon as you get up in the morning and at the same time see your both hands together and chant the following shloka. Here you are praying all the three Goddesses for your well being and prosperity.
Karagre Vasathe Lakshmi ,
Karamadye Saraswathi ,
Karamule sthithe Gowri ,
Prabhathe Karadarshanam Karomi

Bhodevi stothra
Samudravasane Devi Parvathsthana mandale,
Vishnu Pathnem

Shanthakaram Bhujagh shayanam Padmanabham Suresham I
Vishwaadharam Gagana Sadrusham meghavarnam Shubhangam II
Lakshmikantham Kamalanayanam Yogi birdayana gamyam III
Vande Vishnum Bhava Baya Haram Survalokika natham IV

Goddess Saraswathi
Ya kundendu tushara hara dhavala ya shubhra vastranvita
Ya Veena vara danda mandithakara Ya Swetha padmasana
Ya Brahmaachutha shanakara prabhiti bhir davaih sada pujitha
Samaampathu Sarswathi Bhagavathi nishysha jadyapaha

May Goddess Sarswathi protect me- She who is immaculately white like the Kunda puspa blossom, the moon and the wreath of snow, who wears a white sarree(robe,) and sports on exquisite Veena in Her hand, who is seated on a white lotus, who is ever adored by all the Gods including Brahma, Vishnu and shiva and who deftly removes all types of inertia from her votaries.
Guru stothra
Guru Brahma Gurur Vishnu Gurur Devo Maheswarah
Guru sakshath Parabrahma thasmai Sri Gurave namah

Guru is Brhama, the Guru is Vishnu, the Guru is Lord Shiva, the Guru is verily the supreme Brhaman. I Bow down to that Guru.

Devi Stothra
Sarva Mangala mangalye shive sarvartha sadhike
Sharanye thryambake gowri Narayani namosthuthe
O the most auspicious among those that are auspicious,
O the one that grants the fulfilment of all prayers,
O the one refuge of all,
To Thee , consort of Shiva, known also as Tryambaka and Gowri,
To Thee, O Narayani (sister of Narayana) , our salutations.

Theertha prashana manthra:
When you are taking theertha in a temple or in the end of pooja celebration in the house. Chant the following manthra:

Akala mruthu haranam , sarva Vyadhi nivaranam, I
Samastha papa shamanam, Vishnu padodakam shubham II

Venkatesha manthra
Kalyanadbutha Gaathraya Kamithartha Pradayine I
Srimad Venkatanathaya Srinivasaya Namah: II

Mruthunjaya manthra (Eswara Manthra)
Mruthunjayaya Rudraya Neelakanthaya shanbave I
Amrutheshaya Sharvaya Mahadevayathe Namah: II

Navagraha Manthra
Namah Suryaya Chandraya Mangalaya Bhudayacha I
Guru Shukra ShaniBhyscha Rahuve Kethuve Namah: II

Ashwatha Vrukash manthra

Moolatho Brahma Roopaya I Madyatho Vishnu roopine I
Agrath: Shiva Roopaya I Ashwathaya Namo Namah: I

Before Eating food
Hari arthatha, Harir Bhoktha, Harir annam Prajapathi I
Harirvipu shareerasthu Bhunkthe Bhojayathe Hari : II

Brhamarpanam, Brhama Havi: Brahmagnou, Brahmanahitham I
Brhamiva Thena Ganthvyam Brahma karma Samadhina II

Aham Vyswanaro Bhuthvaa Praninam Deha mashrithah : I
Pranapana samayuktham, Pachamannam Chathurvidham II

Bilva Stothra (famous for Eswara)
Thridalam, Thrigunakaram, Thrinethrancha , Thriayudham I
Thirjanma papa Samharam, Eka Bilvam shivarpanam II

Article written by
Dr Ramkrishna Gupta Mudalagiri